DFM-POT - the program for calculation of the double folding
nucleus-nucleus potential

Author:  .V.Lukyanov
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Language: C++

The program DFM-POT calculates the double folding nucleus-nucleus potential of elastic scattering.
The code is written on C++. Input parameters are: atomic mass and energy of interacting nuclei, the interval length and the stepsize of numerical integration, type of nucleon-nucleon potential. Beside, the nuclear density distribution is needed to be known for each of interacting nuclei.

The density distribution function can be given in the table form or in the analytic form (Gaussian, Yukawa and Fermi functions). Two types of nucleon-nucleon potentials are available: Reid-Elliot potential (M3Y-Reid) and Paris potential (M3Y-Paris).

Simpsonís method is applied for numerical integration. Derivatives in the formulas for local momentum are approximated by three-points finite-difference schemes.

The calculation takes a few minutes for light nuclei and low energies. For heavy nuclei and energies about 1000-1500 MeV, the computational time is several hours at computer Pentium-IV.

The code DFM-POT was applied in [1-3] for calculation of microscopic nucleus-nucleus optical potentials. In [4,5] the code was generalized for inelastic. Description of the DFM method, iteration procedure and the code is given in [6].

Demo version of the code is available at the site for 6He + 28Si with Gauss and Fermi density distributions for 6He and 28Si, respectively, at energy 50 A MeV.


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