HEA-CRS, HEA-TOTAL - calculation of cross-sections and potentials of nucleus-necleus interactions in the framework of the high energy approximation

Author: E.V.Zemlyanaya
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Language: Fortran

HEA-CRS and HEA-TOTAL are programs for calculation of the differential cross-sections of elastic scattering, the total cross-sections of nucleus-nucleus reactions, the nucleus-nucleus potential and the eikonal phase in the framework of high energy approximation.

The theoretical approach has been developed in [1-5] on the basis of the microscopic Glauber-Sitenko theory. The relativization effects and the Coulomb field influence are taken into account. The model does not contain free parameters. At the intermediate energies (10 - 100 MeV/nucleon), numerical results are in agreement with the experimental data.

Program HEA-CRS calculates the differential cross-sections of an elastic nucleus-nucleus scattering with the standard Woods-Saxon potential or an arbitrary external potential.

Program HEA-TOTAL calculates the total cross-sections of nucleus-nucleus reactions, microscopic phase and potential of nucleus-nucleus interaction. The realistic Fermi-type distribution of nucleons in nuclei is applied. Alternatively, an arbitrary external density distribution function is available.

Sources HEA-CRS and HEA-TOTAL and detailed description (in Russian, format .pdf) are submitted.


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