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Program  library   JINRLIB

JINRLIB   - a program library for solving a wide range of physical and mathematical problems originated in JINR researcherʹs scientific activity.

Program Library - a set of computer programs, kept in the computer media and accessed through their names or unique indexes.

The library consists of

  1. - object modules (binary files, got by compilers);
  2. - or standalone packages in their source form (text files);

JINRLIB purposes:

  1. - to provide a stable and permanent support for JINR users and their computers of various types;
  2. - to preserve results of job, done by old generation of specialists in numeric methods;
  3. - to stimulate JINR scientists to their own programs development.

JINRLIB structure

The foundation of JINRLIB is a kernel of very popular in the past Dubna, MathLib and KernLib from CERN libraries.

The replenishment originates by new programs created by JINR researchers and their collaborants.

The librarian programs identify by unique index or name. They apply:

  1. - as object modules;
  2. - as standalone packages;

Organization principles and technology for object modules maintenance

Program included in JINRLIB as an object module is a set of 3 things:
  • source - file containing Fortran or C code;
  • program description;
  • test, input data for test, results of test.

All programs operate with 64-bits floating-point numbers.

Each program is situated in a separate directory, named by librarian index. For example, program A101 is kept in A101 directory as a set of 6 files:  A101.for - the source, A101.txt, A101E.txt - description (Russian and English), T_A101.for - the test, A101.dat - data for test, A101.res - result of running test.

The head librarian directory is called JINRLIB.

It contains:
a) a program for full rebuilding of library;
b) result of this rebuilding;
c) A101 - Z999 subdirectories for corresponding indexes;
d) temporary files for building;

JINRLIB is tested under Unix (Linux) and Windows computer platforms.

  1. - ʺthe individual workʺ with each program: source checking, complete testing, results analyze, standardization of program description.
  2. - the real building of the library is individual for each platform and for each used compiler. This is a ʺscriptʺ , containing the environment settings, compilation and linkage.

The main efforts - to extremely simplify the library building: ʺfrom single buttonʺ .

Implementation in JINR Central

Information and Computer Complex object modules JINRLIB are ready for: OS Scientific Linux 4, CPU x86_64:
  1. GNU Fortran 77 compiler (g77) - libjinr.a;
  2. GNU Fortran 95 compiler (gfortran) - libjinr95.a;
  3. Intel Fortran Compiler (ifort) - libjinri.a;
  4. OS Scientific Linux 3, CPU i386:
  5. GNU Fortran 77 compiler (g77) - libjinr.a .
Placement: /usr/libexec/CERNLIB/jinr
JINRLIB for OS Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP is ready for: GNU Fortran 77, Compaq Visual Fortran, Fortran PowerStation, Microsoft Fortran.

Standalone packages maintenance

Some programs cannot be applied as Object Modules (e.g. they are not portable, the source is inaccessible,...). Nevertheless, by authorʹs wish they also may be put into JINRLIB. There are about 40 such kind programs subdivided into the following classes (according classification used at the JINR Publishing Department):

  • High energy theoretical physics
  • Low energy theoretical physics
  • Heavy ion physics
  • Automatization of data processing
  • Computing mathematics and technique

WWW-maintenance for JINRLIB

WebSite provides electronic access to JINRLIB, starting from catalog, full description of any program, down to program sources and object modules.

Some program packages have counters of visitors, certainly showing userʹs interest to them. The most popular now are classical mathematical packages. As for specific applied packages, each of them has its own range of users.

The library of programs intended for solving a wide class of mathematical and physical problems arising in the course of research work of JINR scientists.

The replenishment of the Library by new programs designed by JINR staff members and their collaborants. The Library is spread in the form of object modules and independent packages of applied software.

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