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111th Session of the JINR Scientific Council

16 - 17 February 2012

16 February 2012  
  1.  Opening of the session V. Matveev
  2.  Decisions of the session of the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the JINR Member States (November 2010).
Major results of JINR activities in 2011 and plans for 2012
V. Matveev 
(PPT, 26,7 Mb)
  3.  Appointment of the Editing Board for drafting the Council Resolution  Gh. Stratan
  4.  Appointment of the Expert Committee for the election of the Directors of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP), the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR) and the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP)  Gh. Stratan
  5.  Award of the Diplomas Honorary Doctor of JINR to L. Pikelner and L. Zolin V. Matveev
  6.  Status of the IBR-2 reactor and its cryogenic moderator complex A. Belushkin
(PPT, 42,7 Mb)
  7. Contributions of the JINR groups to LHC data analysis:
    - ATLAS

    - CMS

    - ALICE

I. Yeletskikh
(PDF, 9,27 Mb)
S. Shmatov
(PDF, 3,05 Mb)
L. Malinina
(PDF, 2,34 Mb)
  8.  Election of the Directors of BLTP, FLNR, and FLNP V. Voronov  (PPT, 5,55 Mb)
S. Dmitriev  (PPT, 4,83 Mb)
  9.  Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees:
    - PAC for Particle Physics

    - PAC for Nuclear Physics

    - PAC for Condensed Matter Physics


E. Tomasi-Gustafsson
(PPTX, 6,88 Mb)
W. Greiner
(PPT,  36,7 Mb)
P. Alekseev
(PPT, 15,8 Mb)
10.  Selected reports by young scientists delivered as poster presentations at the PAC meetings:
      "Computer analysis of nanoscale quantum-dimensional model structures in external fields"
      "Precise measurement of charm dimuon production cross-section in neutrino-nucleon interactions and its various applications"
      " "


A. Gusev
(PDF, 4,04 Mb)
O. Samoylov
(PPT, 6,25 Mb)
A. Kuzmina
(PDF, 800 Kb)
11.  Announcement of vacancies in the directorates of JINR Laboratories  
12.  Award of the 2011 B. Pontecorvo Prize
       Presentation by the laureate of the Prize
A. Olshevskiy, V. Matveev
S. Wojcicki  (PDF, 3,95 Mb)
  17 February 2012  
13.  Jurys recommendations on the JINR prizes for 2011 . Itkis
(PPT, 1,35 Mb)
14.  Scientific reports:
      "Physics of low-energy heavy ions at JINR"

      "Life and biosphere on the early Earth"

      "OPERA vs Maxwell and Einstein"


. Itkis
(PPT, 32,1 Mb)
A. Rozanov
(PPT,  42,5 Mb)
J. Ellis
(PPTX, 5,64 Mb)
15.  General discussion (restricted session)  
16.  Adoption of the Scientific Council Resolution   HTML,  PDF

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