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Theoretical Physics (01)
Elementary Particle Physics and Relativistic Nuclear Physics (02)
Nuclear Physics (03)
Condensed Matter Physics, Radiation and Radiobiological Research (04)
Networking, Computing, Computational Physics (05)
Educational Programme (06)

Theoretical physics (01)

01-3-1135-2019/2023 Fundamental Interactions of Fields and Particles D.I. Kazakov
O.V. Teryaev
01-3-1136-2019/2023 Theory of Nuclear SystemsN.V. Antonenko
S.N. Ershov
A.A. Dzhioev
01-3-1137-2019/2023 Theory of Complex Systems and Advanced MaterialsV.A. Osipov
A.M. Povolotskii
01-3-1138-2019/2023 Modern Mathematical Physics:
Gravity, Supersymmetry and Strings
A.P. Isaev
S.O. Krivonos
A.S. Sorin
01-3-1117-2014/2023 Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics
V.V. Voronov

Elementary particle physics and Relativistic nuclear physics (02)

02-2-1123-2015/2022 Study of Fundamental Interactions in e+e- Collisions A.S. Zhemchugov
02-0-1081-2009/2024 ATLAS. Upgrade of the ATLAS Detector and Physics Research at the LHC V.A. Bednyakov
02-2-1144-2021/2023 Search for New Physics in the Charged Lepton Sector V.V. Glagolev
Z. Tsamalaidze
02-2-1099-2010/2023 Study of Neutrino Oscillations D.V. Naumov
A.G. Olshevsky
02-0-1108-2011/2023 PANDA Experiment at FAIRG.D. Alexeev
02-2-1125-2015/2023 Astrophysical Researches in the TAIGA Experiment A.N. Borodin
02-1-1106-2011/2022 Investigations of Compressed Baryonic Matter at the GSI Accelerator Complex V.P. Ladygin
V.V. Ivanov
02-1-1096-2010/2022 Study of Rare Charged Kaon Decays and Search for Dark Sector
in Experiments at the CERN SPS
V.D. Kekelidze
02-0-1083-2009/2022 CMS. Compact Muon Solenoid at the LHCV.Yu. Karjavin
02-0-1085-2009/2022 Studies of the Nucleon and Hadron Structure at CERN A.P. Nagaytsev
02-1-1086-2009/2023 Strangeness in Hadronic Matter and Study of Inelastic Reactions Near Kinematical BordersE.A. Strokovsky
E.S. Kokoulina
D.O. Krivenkov
02-0-1065-2007/2023 NICA Complex: Design and Construction of the Complex
of Accelerators, Collider and Physics Experimental Facilities
at Extracted and Colliding Ion Beams Aimed at Studying Dense Baryonic Matter and the Spin Structure of Nucleons and Light Ions, and at Carrying out Applied and Innovation Projects
V.D. Kekelidze
A.S. Sorin
G.V. Trubnikov
02-0-1127-2016/2023 Advanced Studies on Systems of New-Generation Accelerators
and Colliders for Fundamental and Applied Research
G.D. Shirkov
02-1-1097-2010/2023 Study of Polarization Phenomena and Spin Effects
at the JINR Nuclotron-M Facility
E.A. Strokovsky
02-1-1087-2009/2023 Research on Relativistic Heavy and Light Ion Physics. Experiments at the Accelerator Complex Nuclotron/NICA at JINR and CERN SPS A.I. Malakhov
02-0-1066-2007/2023 Investigation of the Properties of Nuclear Matter and Particle Structure at the Collider of Relativistic Nuclei and Polarized ProtonsR. Lednicky
Yu.A. Panebratsev
02-1-1088-2009/2022 ALICE. Study of Interactions of Heavy Ion and Proton Beams at the LHC A.S. Vodopyanov
02-1-1107-2011/2023 Development and Construction of the Prototype of a Complex for Radiotherapy and Applied Research with Heavy-Ion Beams at the Nuclotron-MS.I. Tyutyunnikov

Nuclear physics (03)

03-0-1129-2017/2023 Development of the FLNR Accelerator Complex
and Experimental Setups (DRIBS-III)
I.V. Kalagin
S.N. Dmitriev
S.I. Sidorchuk
03-5-1130-2017/2023 Synthesis and Properties of Superheavy Elements,
Structure of Nuclei at the Limits of Nucleon Stability
M.G. Itkis
S.I. Sidorchuk
03-2-1100-2010/2024 Non-Accelerator Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics E.A. Yakushev
A. Kovalik
03-4-1128-2017/2022 Investigations of Neutron Nuclear Interactions
and Properties of the Neutron
E.V. Lychagin

Condensed matter physics, Radiation and radiobiological research (04)

04-4-1142-2021/2025 Investigations of Functional Materials and Nanosystems Using Neutron Scattering D.P. Kozlenko
V.L. Aksenov
A.M. Balagurov
04-4-1105-2011/2022 Development of the IBR-2 Facility with a Complex of Cryogenic Neutron ModeratorsA.V. Vinogradov
A.V. Belushkin
A.V. Dolgikh
04-4-1143-2021/2025 Scientific and Methodological Research and Developments for Condensed Matter Investigations with IBR-2 Neutron BeamsV.I. Bodnarchuk
V.I. Prikhodko
04-4-1133-2018/2023 Modern Trends and Developments in Raman Microspectroscopy
and Photoluminescence for Condensed Matter Studies
G.M. Arzumanyan
N. Kucerka
04-4-1140-2020/2022 Development of the Conceptual Design of a New Advanced Neutron Source at JINRV.N. Shvetsov
M.V. Bulavin
04-4-1141-2020/2022 Development of the SOLCRYS Structural Research Laboratory
at the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre
N. Kucerka
04-5-1131-2017/2023 Radiation Physics, Radiochemistry, and Nanotechnology Investigations Using Beams of Accelerated Heavy IonsS.N. Dmitriev
P.Yu. Apel
04-9-1077-2009/2023 Research on the Biological Effects of Heavy Charged Particles
of Different Energies
E.A. Krasavin
.N. Bugay
04-9-1112-2013/2022 Research on Cosmic Matter on Earth and in Nearby Space;
Research on the Biological and Geochemical Specifics
of the Early Earth
E.A. Krasavin
A.Yu. Rozanov
V.N. Shvetsov
04-2-1132-2017/2022 Biomedical and Radiation-Genetic Studies Using Different Types of Ionizing RadiationG.V. Mitsyn
S.L. Yakovenko
04-2-1126-2015/2023 Novel Semiconductor Detectors for Fundamental and Applied ResearchG.A. Shelkov

Networking, computing, computational physics (05)

05-6-1118-2014/2023 Information and Computing Infrastructure of JINR V.V. Korenkov
05-6-1119-2014/2023 Methods, Algorithms and Software for Modeling Physical Systems, Mathematical Processing and Analysis of Experimental DataGh. Adam
P.V. Zrelov
05-8-1037-2001/2024 Analytical and Methodological Work to Assess the Prospects
of Scientific Research and Cooperation in the Main Directions
of JINR's Development.
Organization of International Cooperation
V.A. Matveev

Educational programme (06)

06-0-1139-2019/2023 Organization, Support and Development
of the JINR Human Resources Programme
V.A. Matveev
S.Z. Pakuliak

Prepared by
N.A. Boklagova
D.S Korobov

WWW-version of the JINR Topical Plan has been prepared at LIT
by T.M. Goloskokova

Dubna 2021

      All the themes in the Plan are listed by fields of research. Each theme is coded according to the JINR system
of classification and contains the following information:
  the first number* - the field of research;
  the second number ** - the conventional number
of Laboratory or other Division of JINR;
  the third number - the theme's ordinal number;
  the fourth and
the fifth numbers
- the years of the activity's beginning
and completion.

* 01 - Theoretical Physics (TP)
  02 - Elementary Particle Physics and
Relativistic Nuclear Physics (EPP&RNP)
  03 - Nuclear Physics (NP)
  04 - Condensed Matter Physics,
Radiation and Radiobiological Research (CMP&RRR)
  05 - Networking,Computing,
Computational Physics (NCCP)
  06 - Educational Programme (EP)
** 0 - All-Institute topics
  1 - Veksler and Baldin Laboratory
of High Energy Physics (VBLHEP)
  2 - Dzhelepov Laboratory
of Nuclear Problems (DLNP)
  3 - Bogoliubov Laboratory
of Theoretical Physics (BLTP)
  4 - Frank Laboratory
of Neutron Physics (FLNP)
  5 - Flerov Laboratory
of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR)
  6 - Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information
Technologies (MLIT)
  8 - Department of Science Organisation
Activities (DSOA)
  9 - Laboratory of Radiation Biology (LRB)