Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei
(PEPAN) [ISSN 0367-2026]

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Volume 31 (year 2000), part 7B


Физика элементарных частиц
Dorokhov A.E., Maximov A.E., Mikhailov S.V., Esaibegyan S.V.
Nonlocal Quark and Gluon Condensates within a Constrained Instanton Model
Efimov G.V.
Bound States in Quantum Field Theory
Kataev A.L., Parente G., Sidorov A.V.
The Interplay Between Perturbative QCD and Power Corrections: the Description of Scaling or Automodelling Limit Violation in Deep Inelastic Scattering
Gupta V.
RESIPE - Renormalization Scheme Independent Perturbation Theory
Fiore R., Papa A., Jenkovszky L.L., Magas V., Paccanoni F.
Analytic Model of a Regge Trajectory in the Space-Like and Time-Like Regions
Goloskokov S.V.
Diffractive Hadron Production and Pomeron Coupling Structure
Sitenko Yu.A.
Absence of Axial Anomaly in the Background of the Bohm-Aharonov Vector Potential
Chernikov N.A.
The Gravity Theory on a Background of the Lobachevsky Geometry
Dubrovskiy V.A.
Vortex Instability of the Continuous Medium Movements
Chavleishvili M.P.
Symmetry and Analyticity

Статистическая физика
Peletminskii S.V., Slyusarenko Yu.V., Peletminskii A.S.
Phase Transition Associated with Formation of Spatially Periodic Structures in a Fermi Liquid
Sugahara M., Ogi S., Araki K.
Boson FQHE State in Cuprate Oxide Induced by Zero-Point Oscillation and Macroscopic Interference Phenomena Demonstrating Fractional Charge
Harding F.A., Ilchev A.S., de Lange O.L.
Order-Disorder Transitions in an Asymmetric Next-to-Nearest Neighbours Ising-Type Model
Plakida N.M.
Unconventional Superconductors
Bogoliubov N.M., Malyshev C., Bullough R.K., Kapitonov V.S., Timonen J.
Asymptotic Behaviour of Correlation Functions in the Trapped Bose Gas
Sankovich D.P.
Rigorous Results in a Nonideal Bose Gas Theory
Gerlach B., Smondyrev M.A.
Excitons and Polarons in Quantum Wells
Soldatov A.V.
Generalization of the Peierls-Bogoliubov Inequality by Means of a Quantum-Mechanical Variational Principle
Czerwonko J.
Combined BCS and Van Hove Scenarios: a Solvable Thermodynamics in Half-Filled Symmetric Bands
Lippert K., Muller R., Birner T., Kuhnel A., Behn U.
Noise Induced Phase Transitions in Spatially Extended Systems
Larsen S.
Hyperspherical Adiabatic Formalism of the Boltzmann Third Virial
Brankov J.G.
Exact Results for 1D Simple-Exclusion Process with Ordered-Sequential Dynamics and Open Boundaries
Chamati H., Tonchev N.S., Danchev D.M.
Some New Exact Critical-Point Amplitudes
Exner P., Joye A., Kovarik H.
Magnetic Transport Along One-Dimensional Perturbations in the Plane
Tareyeva E.E., Ryzhov V.N.
Classical Many-Particle Distribution Functions: Some New Applications
Sokolov A.I., Orlov E.V., Ul'kov V.A., Kashtanov S.S.
Free Energy and Non-Linear Susceptibilities of O(n)-Symmetric Systems at Criticality
Inozemtsev V.I.
Bethe-Ansatz Equations for Quantum Heisenberg Chains with Elliptic Exchange
Ivanov V.A., Popovic Z.V., Moshchalkov V.V., Bruynseraede Y.
Heitler-London Insulators in New Oxide Systems
Ilieva N., Thirring W.
A Mixed Mean-Field/BCS-Phase with an Energy Gap at High Tc
Shalaev B.N., Jug G.
Duality Symmetry of the 2D Ф4 Field Model
Kovalevsky M.Y., Kuznetsov V.V.
Quasiaverages in Microscopic Theory of Liquid Crystals

Ядерная физика
Malakhov A.I.
Asymptotic Laws in Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Their Experimental Verification
Rohozinski S.G., Srebrny J., Zajac K., Prochniak L., Pomorski K.
Description of Transitional Nuclei in the Framework of "Quadrupole Plus Pairing" Collective Model

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