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Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei
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Founded in 1970, the review journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, brief name Particles & Nuclei, is published by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. This is the most influential physical review journal in Russia. Published by leading physicists from Member States of JINR, as well as scientists from all over the world, review articles in this eminent journal examine elementary particle physics, problems of vacuum in quantum field theory, condensed matter problems, symmetries in physics, string theories and gravity, nuclear physics, automatic processing of experimental data, accelerators and related instrumentation, accelerator-based transmutation studies, ecological implications of present nuclear and conventional energy sources, energy amplifiers based on accelerators. The journal provides review articles in Russian and in English. Note: all volumes are translated into English and published by the Nauka/Interperiodika International Academic Publishing House. The translation journal appears under the name Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Annualy 6 issues are published joined in one volume. In 2000-2004, the journal had a supplementary issue in addition to the six regular issues. The Editors invite you to contribute review articles and guarantee rapid publication of your papers.

Archive (1970 - 2021) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Volume 53 (year 2022), parts: 1, 2 , 3

Part 1 up
Korobov V. I.
Variational Methods in the Quantum Three-Body Problem with Coulomb Interaction
(532.564 Kb)
Budagov Ju. A., Trubnikov G. V., Shirkov G. D., Batouritski M. A., Bogdanovich M. V., Kurochkin Yu. A., Zalesski V. G., Kilin S. Ya., Azaryan N. S.
The Cooperation of JINR with the Scientific Organizations of the Republic of Belarus in the Area of the Superconducting Accelerator Resonators
(1.608.946 Kb)
Frank A. I., Kulin G. V., Rebrova N. V., Zakharov M. A.
On the Possibility of Creating a UCN Source on a Periodic Pulsed Reactor
(448.368 Kb)
Penionzhkevich Yu. E.
Characteristics of Nucleus-Nuclear Reactions with the Emission of Fast Charged Particles. A New Approach to Reactions of Fusion of Cold Nuclei
(831.780 Kb)
Timashev S. F., Savvatimova I. B., Poteshin S. S., Kargin N. I., Sysoev A. A., Ryndya S. M.
The Phenomenon of Artificial Radioactivity in Metal Cathodes under Discharge Conditions
(1.034.604 Kb)
Part 2 up
«NUCLEUS-2020. Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies»
(Saint Petersburg, May 2630, 2020)
Arslanaliev A. M., Shebeko A. V.
The Gauge-Independent Treatment of the Alpha-Alpha Bremsstrahlung

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Arslanaliev A., Golak J., Kamada H., Shebeko A. V., Skibinski R., Stepanova M. M., Witala H.
The Kharkov Potential in the Theory of 2N and 3N Systems with Solving the Relativistic Faddeev Equations

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Afonin S. S.
Bottom-up Holographic Approach to Meson Spectroscopy

Abstracts (eng, 27 Kb)
Amer A. H.
Study of Different Interaction Models of Double Folding Potential for 6He + 12C Elastic Scattering up to 500 MeV

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Andrianov V. A., Andrianov A. A., Espriu D.
Chiral Medium in Generalized Σ- Model and the Chiral Perturbation Theory
(142 Kb)
Zvyagina A., Andronov E.
Transverse Momentum and Multiplicity Correlations in NICA and SPS Energy Range

Abstracts (eng, 45 Kb)
Andronov E., Altsybeev I., Prokhorova D.
Performance of the MPD Detector for the Study of Strongly Intensive Multiplicity and Transverse Momentum Fluctuations in Heavy Ion Collisions

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Aparin A. A. for the STAR Collaboration
STAR Recent Results on Heavy Ion Collisions

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Banerjee T., Kozulin E. M., Gikal K. B., Itkis I. M., Knyazheva G. N., Kozulina N. I., Novikov K. V., Diatlov I. N., Pchelintsev I. V., Pan A. N., Vorobiev I. V.
Super-Asymmetric Fission Mode in 254Fm Nucleus Populated by 16O + 238U Reaction

Abstracts (eng, 45 Kb)
Batyuk P., Gabdrakhmanov I., Merts S.
Embedding Procedure as an Instrument Used for Optimal Reconstruction of Particle Trajectories Produced by the Λ0 Decay Products

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Belokurova S.
Study of Strongly Intensive Quantities and Robust Variances in Multiparticle Production at LHC Energies

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Sinha B.
The Hawking Radiation from Relics of the QCD Phase Transition Strange Quark Nuggets, Primordial Black Holes and White Holes

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Bobyk A., Kamiński W. A.
Deep Neural Networks and the Phenomenology of Super-Heavy Nuclei

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Borissov A. for the ALICE Collaboration
Latest Results on (Anti-)Hypernuclei Production at the LHC with ALICE

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Chesnokov V. V., Golubenko A. A., Ishkhanov B. S., Mokeev V. I.
CLAS Physics Database to Study the Hadron Structure in Electromagnetic Processes
(452 Kb)
Popov Yu. V., Volobuev I. P., Chuluunbaatar O., Houamer S.
Compton Ionization of Atoms as a New Method of Spectroscopy of Outer Shells

Abstracts (eng, 227 Kb)
Dementev D. V., Baranov A. V., Elsha V. V., Kharlamov P. I., Lavrik E., Merkin M. M., Murin Yu. A., Senger A., Senger P., Sheremetev A. D., Shitenkow M. O., Sukhov N. V.
The Silicon Tracking System as a Part of Hybrid Tracker of BM@N Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Drnoyan J., Kolesnikov V., Mudrokh A., Vasendina V., Zinchenko A.
Perspectives of Strangeness Study at NICA/MPD from Realistic Monte Carlo Simulation

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Golosov O., Klochkov V., Kashirin E., Selyuzhenkov I., Blau D. for the CBM Collaboration
CBM Performance for Multidifferential Measurements of Proton and Charged Kaon Directed Flow

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Ilieva S. for the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
Hadron Production Measurements at NA61/SHINE for Precise Determination of Accelerator Neutrino Fluxes

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Ivanishchev D. A., Kotov D. O., Kryshen E. L., Malaev M. V., Ryabov V. G., Ryabov Yu. G.
Possibility to Study the Properties of Thermal Photons in Heavy-Ion Collisions at the NICA Complex
(663 Kb)
de Mello Neto J. R. T. for the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Physics and Astrophysics of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays: Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Koshelkin A. V.
Hadron Production in High-Energy Particle Collisions

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Kostenko B. F.
Possibility of Existence of New Dibaryons below Pion Production Threshold

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Krassovitskiy P. ., Pen'kov F. M.
Scattering Features on Non-Spherical Potential
(167 Kb)
Ladygin V. P., Averyanov A. V., Chernykh E. V., Enache D., Gurchin Yu. V., Isupov A. Yu., Janek M., Karachuk J.-T., Khrenov A. N., Krivenkov D. O., Kurilkin P. K., Ladygina N. B., Livanov A. N., Piyadin S. M., Reznikov S. G., Terekhin A. A., Tishevsky A. V., Uesaka T., Volkov I. S.
Angular Dependencies of the Deuteron Analyzing Powers in dp-Elastic Scattering at Large Transverse Momenta
(232 Kb)
Mitrankova M. M., Mitrankov Iu. M., Kotov D. O., Berdnikov Ya. A., Berdnikov A. Ya.
ϕ-Meson Production in Small Collision Systems
(262 Kb)
Larionova D. M., Berdnikov Ya. A., Berdnikov A. Ya., Kotov D. O., Mitrankov Iu. M.
Charged Hadron Production in Cu + Au Collisions at 200 GeV at PHENIX
(264 Kb)
Liu D. for the BESIII Collaboration
QCD Studies at BESIII

Abstracts (eng, 30 Kb)
Lomskaya I. for the Borexino Collaboration
Search for Low-Energy Borexinos Signals Correlated with Gamma-Ray Bursts, Solar Flares and Gravitational Wave Events
(410 Kb)
Mamaev M., Golosov O., Selyuzhenkov I. for the HADES Collaboration
Estimating Nonflow Effects in Measurements of Anisotropic Flow of Protons with the HADES Experiment at GSI

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Mitrankov Iu. M., Kotov D. O., Berdnikov Ya. A., Berdnikov A.Ya.
Review of the Recent Results of the Heavy Ion Collisions Study in the PHENIX Experiment
(308 Kb)
Albeverio S., Motovilov A. K.
Quantum Speed Limits for Time Evolution of a System Subspace

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Mudrokh A., Kolesnikov V.
Performance of the MPD Detector in the Study of Strangeness Production and Event-By-Event Fluctuations in Au + Au Collisions at NICA

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Burmasov N. for the ALICE Collaboration
Central Diffraction and Ultra-Peripheral Collisions in ALICE in Run 3 an 4
(444 Kb)
Hasan M. Z., Kholil S. B., Sarker D. R., Abdullah M. N. A.
Potential Description of α + 208Pb Elastic Scattering

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Nauruzbayev D. K., Nurmukhanbetova A. K., Goldberg V. Z.
Low Energy Resonances in 22Ne (α,α) Elastic Scattering

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Peresunko D. for the ALICE Collaboration
Overview of Hadron and Jet Production Results from ALICE

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Pismak Yu. M., Shakhova O. Yu.
Singular Background in a Model of Material Plane Interacting with Dirac Particles

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Pshenichnov I. A., Kozyrev N. A., Svetlichnyi A. O., Dmitrieva U. A.
What Can We Learn by Studying the Rest of Spectator Matter in Central NucleusNucleus Collisions?
(390 Kb)
Rakhmatullina A., Zherebchevsky V., Maltsev N., Nesterov D., Pichugina D., Prokofiev N.
New Calorimetry Based on Silicon Pixel Detectors
(233 Kb)
Ivanishchev D. A., Kotov D. O., Malaev M. V., Ryabov V. G., Ryabov Yu. G.
Short-Lived Resonances in the Physical Program of the MPD Experiment at NICA
(233 Kb)
Dahiya A., Gupta K. K., Singh S. S.
Equation of State of Magnetized PNJL Model in Finite Chemical Potential

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Segal I., Selyuzhenkov I., Kashirin E., Lavrik E. for the CBM Collaboration
Using Projectile Spectators for Centrality Determination in Heavy-Ion Collisions with the CBM Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Antonov N. N., Gapienko V. A., Gapienko G. S., Gres' V. N., Ilushin M. A., Prudkoglyad A. F., Romanovskiy V. A., Semak A. A., Solodovnikov I. P., Terekhov V. I., Ukhanov M. N., Viktorov V. A.
High pt Anti-Proton and Meson Production in Cumulative pA Reaction at 50 GeV/c
(308 Kb)
Dar Sh., Bhattacharya Soumik, Bhattacharyya S., Banik R., Nandi S., Mukherjee G., Das Gupta S., Ali S., Dhal A., Goswami A., Mondal D., Mukhopadhyay S., Pal S., Pandit D., Ray P.
Collective Structures in 116Sb

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Sheremetiev A., Dementev D., Elsha V., Kolozhvari A., Murin Yu., Shitenkov M., Sukhov N.
Status of the BM@N STS Module Assembly

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Skobelev N. K., Penionzhkevich Yu. E., Siváček I., Issatayev T., D'Agata G., Burjan V., Kilic A. I., Mrázek J., Glagolev V.
Population of Excited States in 45Ti Nuclei in Charge-Exchange Reactions on 29 MeV 3He Beam
(209 Kb)
Afonin S. S., Solomko T. D.
Low- and High-Energy Constraints in AdS/QCD Models

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Sosnov D. for the CMS Collaboration
First Observation of Diffractive Processes in Proton-Lead Collisions at the LHC with the CMS Detector

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Topko Yu., Khabarov S., Zamyatin N., Topko B., Tarasov O., Zubarev E., Kopylov Yu., Streletskaya E.
The Development of Silicon Beam Tracker and Beam Profilometer at the BM@N Experiment
(287 Kb)
Torilov S. Yu., Maltsev N. A., Zherebchevsky V. I., Lazareva T. V., Nauruzbaev D. K., Nesterov D. G., Prokofiev N. A., Rakhmatullina A. R.
Study of Resonance States in Nuclear Systems Formed in Reactions with Heavy Ions
(292 Kb)
Mikheev S. A., Lanskoy D. E., Tretyakova T. Yu.
Correlations between Properties of Nuclear Matter and Characteristics of Neutron Stars
(235 Kb)
Sidorov S. V., Lanskoy D. E., Tretyakova T. Yu.
Light Λ-Hypernuclei Structure near Nucleon Stability Lines and Baryon Interactions
(199 Kb)
Uzikov Yu., Bazarova A., Temerbayev A.
Spin Observables of Proton-Deuteron Elastic Scattering at SPD NICA Energies within the Glauber Model and pN Amplitudes

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Uzikov Yu., Uvarov A.
Ratio pp/pn in the Reaction 12C(p,ppN)10 A of Quasi-Elastic Knock-Out of Nucleon from Short-Range Correlated NN Pair
(199 Kb)
Vechernin V. V.
Yield of Particles in the Cumulative Region at Central Rapidities and Large Transverse Momenta at the NICA Collider

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Niyti, Deep A., Kharab R., Singh R., Chopra S.
Study of Decay Properties of 260Sg* Nucleus Formed in 52Cr + 208Pb Reaction by Using GSkI Skyrme Force

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Yushkov A V., Itkis M. G., Dyachkov V. V., Zaripova Y. A.
New Nuclear Physical Phenomenon Spontaneous Nuclear Synthesis
(483 Kb)
Mitsova E., Zaitsev A. A., Artemenkov D. A., Kornegrutsa N. K., Rusakova V. V., Stanoeva R., Zarubin P. I., Zarubina I. G.
Search for Decays of the 9B Nucleus and Hoyle State in 14N Nucleus Dissociation
(255 Kb)
Khunjua T. G., Klimenko K. G., Zhokhov R. N.
The Phase Structure of Two-Color QCD and Charged Pion Condensation Phenomenon

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Alishina K., Plotnikov V., Kovachev L., Petukhov Yu., Rumyantsev M.
Charged Particle Identification by the Time-of-Flight Method in the BM@N Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Bespalova O. V., Klimochkina A. A.
About the Dependence of Nuclear Surface Diffuseness on Neutron-Proton Asymmetry and Its Influence on the Evolution of Single-Particle Spectra
(270 Kb)
Blokhintsev L. D.
Spectroscopic Factors: Observability and Measurability

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Berdnikov A. Ya., Berdnikov Ya. A., Kotov D. O., Mitrankov Iu. M., Borisov V. S.
Production of K(892)*0 Mesons in Cu + Au Collisions at 200 GeV and U + U Collisions at 192 GeV
(351 Kb)
Dolganov G. D. for the ReD Working Group of DarkSide Collaboration
Investigation of the Electric Field Uniformity in the ReD Detector

Abstracts (eng, 28 Kb)
Derbin A. V., Drachnev I. S., Lomskaya I. S., Muratova V. N., Pilipenko N. V., Semenov D. A., Unzhakov E. V.
Precision β-Spectrum Measurement of RaE with Semiconductor Spectrometers
(500 Kb)
D'yachenko A. T., Mitropolsky I. A.
Emission of High Energy Protons and Pions in Collisions of Heavy Ions within the Framework of a Nonequilibrium Hydrodynamic Approach
(420 Kb)
Zherebtsova E., Karpushkin N., Golubeva M., Guber F., Ivashkin A., Morozov S. for the HADES Collaboration
New Approach to Measure Centrality in the HADES Heavy-Ion Experiments

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Zinchenko D., Zinchenko A., Nikonov E.
Track Reconstruction in the Upgraded Tracking System of MPD/NICA

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Karpushkin N., Golubeva M., Guber F., Ivashkin A., Morozov S.
ML Approaches for Centrality Determination with Forward Hadron Calorimeters in Heavy-Ion Reactions

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Khyzhniak E. for the STAR Collaboration
One-Dimensional Pion Femtoscopy in d + Au Collisions at √SNN = 200 GeV from STAR

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Kotina E., Ploskikh V., Shirokolobov A.
Digital Image Processing in Nuclear Medicine

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Lashmanov N. A., Sedykh S. A., Yurevich V. I.
Study of the Interaction Trigger for Au + Au Collisions in BM@N Experiment
(407 Kb)
Machikhiliyan I. for the DANSS Collaboration
The DANSS Neutrino Spectrometer: The Results of Reactor Antineutrino Studies
(407 Kb)
Driuk A., Merts S., Nemnyugin S.
Global Tracking in the BM@N Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Mikhailovsky V. P., Kovalenko V. B.
Glauber Monte Carlo Model at Partonic Level for pp Collisions in a Wide Energy Range
(545 Kb)
Monakhov V. V., Kozhedub A. V.
C, P, T Symmetries and Lorentz Transformations in the Theory of Superalgebraic Spinors
(165 Kb)
Nemnyugin S.
On the Influence of Chemotherapy on the Bragg Peak Parameters in the Water Cube Model

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Nemnyugin S., Driuk A., Merts S., Roudnev V., Stepanova M., Iufryakova A.
Performance Optimization of Simulation and Event Reconstruction Software in the BM@N NICA Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Nesterov D. G., Zherebchevsky V. I., Feofilov G. A., Igolkin S. N., Lazareva T. V., Maltsev N. A., Pichugina D. V., Prokofiev N. A., Rakhmatullina A. R.
Cooling Systems for the Novel Pixel Detectors
(573 Kb)
Obikhod T. V., Petrenko Ie. A.
Computer Modeling of Decay Width and Production Cross Sections for Beyond SM Particles
(471 Kb)
Samarin V. V., Sobolev Yu. G., Penionzhkevich Yu. E., Stukalov S. S., Naumenko M. A., Siváček I.
Investigation of Reaction Cross Sections for Beam of 8Li, 8He on 28Si, 59Co, 181Ta Targets
(860 Kb)
Samigullin E. I. for the DANSS Collaboration
Observation of Atmospheric Temperature and Pressure Effects in Cosmic Muons Flux with DANSS Detector
(438 Kb)
Svetlichnyi A.O., Nepeyvoda R. S., Pschenichnov I. A.
Study of Nuclear Fragmentation at Heavy Ion Colliders
(895 Kb)
Achasov M. N., Barnyakov A. Yu., Baykov A. A., Beloborodov K. I., Berdyugin A. V., Bogdanchikov A. G., Botov A. A., Dimova T. V., Druzhinin V. P., Golubev V. B., Kardapoltsev L. V., Kharlamov A. G., Korol A. A., Kovrizhin D. P., Kupich A. S., Martin K. A., Melnikova N. A., Muchnoy N. Yu., Obrazovsky A. E., Pakhtusova E. V., Pugachev K. V., Savchenko Ya. S., Serednyakov S. I., Shtol D. A., Silagadze Z. K., Surin I. K., Usov Yu. V., Zhabin V. N., Zhulanov V. V.
Measurement of the Neutron Time-Like Electromagnetic Form Factors at the VEPP-2000 e+e- Collider with the SND Detector

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Guber F., Golubeva M., Ivashkin A., Kapishin M., Karpushkin N., Kugler A., Morozov S.
Study of the Spectator Matter in Heavy-Ion Collisions at the BM@N Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Suleymanov M.
The Meaning behind Observed pT Regions at the LHC Energies, Some Properties of the Regions
(367 Kb)
Topko B. L., Burtsev V. E., Enik T. L., Ivanov A. V., Kopylov Yu. A., Khabarov S. V., Martovitsky E. V., Makankin A. M., Tarasov O. G., Zamyatin N. I.
Application of BM@N Si-Microstrip Detectors at Muon Stand for Testing Straw Detectors

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Kadmensky S. G., Titova L. V., Lyubashevsky D. E., Veretennikov A. S., Pisklyukov A. A.
Mechanisms of Multistage Nuclear Decays with Taking into Account Real and Virtual States of Intermediate Nuclei
(309 Kb)
Part 3 up
Alkhazov G. D., Vorobyov A. A., Dobrovolsky A. V., Korolev G. A., Khanzadeev A. V.
Study of the Structure of Exotic Nuclei by Proton Elastic Scattering in Inverse Kinematics Using the Active Target IKAR
(1.313.122 Kb)
Bobrikov I. A., Gapon I. V., Avdeev M. V.
Neutron Scattering for Materials and Transient Processes Research in Lithium Energy Storage Devices at the IBR-2 Pulsed Reactor
(4.611.875 Kb)
Egorov M. V.
Binding Energies of Light Hypernuclei
(500.379 Kb)
Slavnov D. A.
Algebraic and Statistical Methods in the Quantum and the Gravitational Physics
(1.122.991 Kb)