Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei
(PEPAN) [ISSN 0367-2026]

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Volume 31 (year 2000), part 7A

Выступление президента РАН академика Ю.С.Осипова
Выступление ректора МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова В.А.Садовничего
Выступление директора ОИЯИ В.Г.Кадышевского
Боголюбов А.Н.
Киев, тридцатые годы
Bogolyubov M.N.
N.N. Would Have Been Delighted by the Perреtuation of His Father's Name
Владимиров В.С.
Н.Н.Боголюбов и математика
Prigogine I.
Nonlocality and Superluminosity
Shirkov D.V.
The Evolution of Bogolyubov's Renormalization Group

Пленарные доклады
Bogolubov N.N., Jr.
Exactly Solvable Model Systems and the Hartree-Fock-Bogolubov Approximation for Model Systems with Four-Fermion Interaction
Devreese J.T., Brosens F., Lemmens L.F.
Path Integral Treatment of Interacting Bosons or Fermions
Nishijima K., Chaichain M.
The Goto-Imamura-Schwinger Term and Renormalization Group
Baldin A.M.
Quantum Field Theory and Symmetries in Nuclear Physics
Savin I.A.
Structure of Nucleons
Filippov V.M.
Construction of Extremal Variational Principles in Non-Euler Functional Classes for PDEs of Second Order with Nonpotential Operators
Славнов A.A.
Ковариантная формулировка неабелевых калибровочных теорий без антикоммутирующих полей
Mandjavidze J., Sissakian A.
Generating Functionals Method of N.N.Bogoliubov and Multiple Production Physics
Moskalenko V.A., Entel P., Digor D.F., Vladimir M.I.
A New Approach to the Theory of Strongly Correlated Systems

Математика и нелинейная механика
Volovich I.V.
Atomic Quantum Computer
Khrennikov A.Yu.
m-Adic Dynamical Models for Functioning of Complex Information Systems
Denisova I.P., Zubrilo A.A.
The Application of the Bogoliubov-Mitropolsky Method for Investigation of the Massive Particle Motion in the Gravitational Fields of Radiating Stars
Smirnov A.G., Soloviev M.A.
New Results in the Theory of Analytic Functionals with Applications to Gauge QFT
Dragovich B.
On p-Adic Path Integral
Груба В.Д., Жидков Е.П., Севастьянов Л.А.
Уравнение Боголюбова и проблемы физики конденсированного состояния

Квантовая теория поля
Aref'eva I.Ya.
High Energy Scattering in the Brane-World and Black-Hole Production
Barbashov B.M.
Periodic Solutions and Integrals of Motion for the Classical Equation of Relativistic String with Massive Ends in 3-Dimensional Minkowski Space
Belokurov V.V., Shavgulidze E.T., Solovyov Yu.P., Yudin I.L.
New Perturbation Theory with Convergent Series: Calculations with Arbitrary Values of Coupling Constants
Tkachev F.V.
Distribution-Theoretical Methods in Quantum Field Theory
Sissakian A.N., Solovtsov I.L.
Nonperturbative Expansion Method in QCD and Its Applications
Khrustalev O.A., Tchitchikina M.V.
Bogoliubov Group Variables in Relativistic Models
Zavialov O.I.
Nonlinear Representations of the Lorentz Group and the Wigner Function for Relativistic Free Particles
Mir-Kasimov R.M., Oguz O.
Coulomb Symmetry and Quantum Space
Gogohia V.
Triviality of the Ladder Approximation to QCD
Kazakov D., Velizhanin V.
Renormalizations in Softly Broken SUSY Gauge Theoriеs and Grassmannian Expansion
Pawlowski M., Papoyan V., Pervushin V., Smirichinski S.
Bogoliubov Quasiparticles in Quantum Universe
Vanyashin V.S.
Bogoliubov Transformations in the Theory of Parametric Resonance for Quantized Fields

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